HopLife Brewing Company is located in St. Lucie West Florida.
Locally owned by Jim Kelly, Rob Tearle and Jeff Blitman. 

Hop Life Brewing Company is located at 679 NW Enterprise Drive Suite 101 Port Saint Lucie, FL The 5300 sqft. Facility is conveniently located near Met's Stadium, PGA National Golf Community, great restaurants and numerous retail shops with easy access to I-95.

Mission Statement

Hop Life Brewing Company is a fundamentally focused, environmentally aware, and socially conscious company committed to crafting fresh, flavorful, innovative and high quality craft beer for the enjoyment of our customers. We aspire to acheive recognition from our peers and customers as one of the premier craft breweries in South Florida and are dedicated to uncompromising service, continuous improvement, and innovative consumer education.


Management Team

The initial management team consists of:
James Kelly - CEO President/Head Brewer/Operations/Financial
Robert Tearle - COO Vice President/Assistant Brewer/Operations/Marketing/Sales.
Jeff Blitman - CFO Vice President/Operations/Financial/Investor Relations.

Company Overview

Hop Life Brewing Company was founded in 2011 by Jim Kelly as an apparel company, with the proceeds used to establish the foundation of the brewery. In 2012 Robert Tearle joined the company and in 2016 Jeffrey Biltman partnered with us. As home brewers, we take pride in embracing the art of the brewing culture. Our commitment is to use only the finest ingredients for our specialty- made hand crafted beer.

Hop Life Brewing Company is more than a craft brewing company, it’s a way of life. Jim and Rob are both aware of the importance of values, passion, and dedicated teamwork due to their successful careers in the fire service. Jim is a 33 year veteran firefighter and recently retired Battalion Chief with the Saint Lucie County Fire District. Jim has owned and operated two previous businesses, a landscaping business and Blue Water Pool service.

Rob is a 28 year veteran firefighter, and currently works with the Air Rescue Program on the Saint Lucie County Fire District.

Jeffrey Biltman founded Dadan Packaging in 1987 and sold the business in 2000. He is currently the owner and president of Golf Car Depot in Palm Beach County.

In aspiring to move toward the next phase in our lives, we plan to create, manufacture, and distribute some of the finest craft beer produced in the State of Florida. We will work with a state of the art brewing system, in a facility where people can come to relax, enjoy, and even learn about the fine art of brewing great beer. The focal point of the brewery will be the 15 barrel stainless steel brew house, several fermenters and brite tanks along with the brewing process itself.

The 2000+ square foot Brew House will be separated by a knee wall and large glass windows from the Tasting Room. Hop Life Brewing Company plans to offer not only a great place to enjoy Artisan Crafted beers, but beers that cannot be found in other breweries. Its goal is to be a gathering place for all beer lovers—from the connoisseur to the curious. This passion for brewing great beer will drive us to work hard in creating products that not only sit well on the palette, but will allow our patrons to enjoy new and innovate craft beers.


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